Guice Engineering Sciences, unreliable, unprofessional.

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Guice Engineering Science, based in Longview, Texas, is possibly the least proffessional engineering firm I have ever come in contact with.Lee Guice, the owner, is obviously some sort of alchaholic.

While making a visit to the Guice office in order to find out if Guice intended to deliver some fall arester arms we had orderd i was greeted by an empty receptionist desk and a string of extreme profanity coming from one of the back rooms.Because of the late delivery, we were unable to pass an inspection on one of our rigs in time to win a bid on some drilling south of Center, Texas.

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This coment was posted by a terminated employee who could not spell well, and who did not understand that Guice Arms (SRL mounting devices used by over 90% of U.S. workover rigs) are not used on drilling rigs at all.


On Behalf of the Guice Engineering firm:

This individual posted one thing, then disappeared. It is our belief this fictitious claim was posted by a disgruntled former employee who was terminated for theft and has sought numerous ways to retaliate.

Guice Engineering has had a reputation of success for over 25 years from word of mouth repeat business. Our service, our products and our employees are professional, knowledgeable and have continued to demonstrate exemplary service to our valuable clients.

All Guice arm orders come via telephone or (occasionally) internet. No one shows up in person wanting an order unless the arms have been prepared in advance. We have no unfulfilled orders nor have we ever failed to deliver any order which has been placed. All orders are immediately entered in a log book and arms are readied for shipment to that particular customer. We contacted all customers from Spring to Fall of 2010 with 100% positive reviews on service and products.

Guice arms are occasionally picked up in person by a small list of repeat customers. All are local companies with which we have an excellent and long standing relationship and reputation.

The office door is kept locked at all times as it sits on a busy corner in Downtown Longview. A customer must knock for admittance and only the receptionist opens it. Thus there was obviously no empty receptionist desk accessible from the street.

Guice arms are not used on drilling rigs at all. They are used on workover rigs.

Dr. W. Lee Guice is an upstanding man in the East Texas community, well known and well respected. He serves as engineering scientist on the citizens advisory board for the Superfund lake cleanup (Caddo Lake), teaches Sunday school at the Methodist church and spends time with his 16 grandchildren. He is not an alcoholic but he can spell it correctly. He might sip a fine glass of wine on a Saturday night enjoying time with his wife.

Please note that Pissed Consumer does not check the facts on ANY of the allegations made on its website. You can easily find numerous lawsuits pending against them for extortion schemes and slander. They also claim that personal attacks will be deleted. This posting is CLEARLY a personal attack and if Pissed Consumer has any credibility they will stand by those morals.

We believe that communication and respect are the keystones to resolving issues. If the unanimous poster had any morals or character they would have voiced their complaint directly with the company rather than hiding behind a website. We want to make sure EVERY customer is treated with respect and great service. Please contact us directly if you have anything to share.

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